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Reach Top 100/50/25/10 in stores such as: Germany, Austria, Swtizerland, Italy, France, UK!
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Marketing plan creation

marketing strategy

Creating a viable marketing plan is vital to the success of any campaign. All of the steps, which are to be taken once the campaign starts need to be laid out and analyzed beforehand.

App Analysis / ASO


Getting hands-on with the app and outlining its strengths and weaknesses is key to devising a proper strategy. Good ASO can save you a ton of money and drive additional organic traffic to your app.

Trademark research / App name proposition / Icon proposition

Picking a great name is an extremely important process - people perceive and remember your app based on its name and icon. Both need to be checked for trademarks before utilizing them in the store.

App Description writing

An integral part of the ASO process. A good description can again increase your organic traffic.

Keyword optimization

This is the most important step of the ASO process. The keywords need to be constantly monitored and optimized in order to make sure that your current selection maximizes your organic reach.

Editor reviews

Getting a real game reviewer to take a look at your game is good press and can increase the game's credibility and virality.

Store reviews

An app's ranking is extremely important - both for its positioning in the store and its perception in the eyes of the user. A user is more likely to download an app, which has mostly positive reviews - that's why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the app has consistently high reviews and ratings by manipulating the review section through various means.

Press release writing

Creating and sending out an awesome press release before and after the game goes live is good practice and allows you to reach agencies and reviewers, which would otherwise miss your app.

App Directory submission

Submitting your app to app directory sites is a good alternative to driving additional organic traffic.

Forum participation

Participating in various forums and blogs adds a personal touch to your user acquisition efforts and can help you reach more perspective users, which you'd typically miss out on.

Social marketing

social marketing

The mobile ecosystems are becoming increasingly social with each new iteration. This places social marketing at the forefront of the marketing efforts when trying to push an app to the top. Making use of channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + is now a must and must be approached with care and intelligence.

Video reviews

Video has always been a good medium to get people hooked into playing a particular game. Create a compelling trailer, publish it and watch your download figures rise!

User acquisition

mobile marketing

Driving downloads is a sure-fire way to boost your ranking and in turn increase your revenue. User acquisition is a huge part of the entire marketing process and should be approached in the most scientific way possible. A marketing agent needs to take into account the metrics for the app in question (ARPU, ARPPU, LTV, Infection rate, etc.), the goal of the campaign (e.g. reach the #1 spot in Germany) and the allocated budget. Making sense of these figures and picking the right acquisition channels makes all the difference in the world towards achieving your goal.

Campaign analysis and daily/weekly reporting

campaign reporting

Realtime and post-campaign analysis, bundled with daily / weekly reporting allows us to monitor and optimize the performance of the entire campaign on-the-go.

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